Mainstream music is… bleh

Listening to music from mainstream media is boring. It’s the same overplayed songs that all sound similar, when they are not exactly the same.

See for yourself.

Most of us don’t know where to look for alternatives, or don’t have time for it. So we default to what is served to us and change tunes like we swipe Tinder profiles. We know the feeling.

That’s where Mayoneese comes to the rescue 🔥

Good music, good life

At Mayoneese, we believe that listening to great music everyday can make your days brighter. So we dig out the web and bring you our best findings. Is this really a job?

We want to make you feel

We’re looking for one thing: music that makes you smile, dance, move, jump or want to bang your head wherever you deem appropriate. You remember that feeling of listening to a great track for the first time? Imagine that every week.

La creme de la creme

We send you the best of the genres we love: Disco, House, Electronic, Pop... The hidden gems that deserve more attention and the forgotten tracks that still work. Only the good stuff.